Summer Musical Voyagers, Ages 3-5

Each Musical Voyager class is broken up into three equally fun sections: 

Every single class starts with a short lesson on piano. We take what a student would experience in the first month or two of piano lessons and chop it up into little pieces. We introduce 2-3 of these pieces to the students in a fun, light way, repeating important concepts regularly to help build their musical foundation. Our experience is that students that take our Musical Voyager class have a better success rate in piano lessons because of this foundation they have started to build.

The second section of each Musical Voyager class is our Rhythm Fun part. We hand out a small percussion instrument to each student and introduce them to a simple rhythm concept to play together. The children will play rhythms in different tempos and styles. 

The Musical Voyage concludes each week with an introduction of a different instrument. Kids are taught some very basics about each instrument and are given hands-on opportunities to try them out. The experience your kids will have actually playing real musical instruments will be memorable and you’ll love their exuberance as they barrel out of class yelling “I played the violin today”. We hand out a "Musical Instrument Passport" to keep track of the different instruments covered throughout the summer session.

Added Benefit - Flex Schedule: Upon registration, pick your eight classes with times that are most convenient for you. Pick the same class and time each week or bounce around to accommodate a vacation or beach day. (Specific class reservation is subject to class size and openings). Several weekly class times are available with more classes and times added if needed.

Summer 2019 Class Schedule (7/9 - 8/31, eight full weeks)

Tuesdays: 10am, 1pm, 4pm & 5:30pm

Wednesdays: 6pm

Thursdays: 6pm

Saturdays: 9:30am

Additional Class times can be added as needed

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