2019 - Summer Guitar Starters, (ages 9-12)

Our Guitar Starter class is a small group class specifically designed to give students an opportunity to try out the guitar within a short eight week period. Each weekly half hour class will introduce a new foundational technique that will move the students ability forward. After the eight weeks students will have a basic understanding of playing the instrument and should have a good feel for whether or not this is the instrument for them. Rentals are available for the 8 week session for $15.

Working with your summer schedule: If for some reason you are to miss a class because of a vacation or other conflict we are happy to offer a private makeup class to cover any material missed for $15.

Some of the things covered in this class include:

Proper instrument handling

Posture while playingdescribe the image

Beginning music theory and note reading

Picking single notes

Beginners tab

Proper fretting

Simple songs and riffs

Strumming patterns

Practice principals

Two and three string Chords


Schedule and registration

Guitar Starters - Beginners (Ages 9-12)

Tuition $99, (rentals available for an additional $15)

Summer Schedule:

Wednesdays, 4pm, 8-week session, Dates: 7/10-8/28




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