Summer Drum Starters

Snare drum with sticks

Our Drum Starter class is a small group class designed to give students an opportunity to try out the drums within a short eight week period. Each weekly half hour class will introduce a new foundational technique that will move the students ability forward. After the eight week session students will have a basic understanding of playing the instrument and should have a good feel for whether or not this is the instrument for them.

Working with your summer schedule: If for some reason you are to miss a class because of a vacation or other conflict we are happy to offer a private makeup class to cover any material missed for $15.

Some of the things covered in this class include:

Proper stick grip and stroke

Posture while playing

Beginning music theory and note reading

Rhythm development

Basic Drumming Rudiments

Playing a drumbeat on drumset

Drum Soloing


Schedule and registration

Drum Starter classes

Tuition $99.00


Fridays 5pm, Eight Weeks,  Dates: 7/12-8/30




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